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Within Georgian frescos of the Middle Ages there are many famous picture of family groups in Khobi, Tsalenjikha, Nekresi and etc. They are lined up frontally and performed in plane manner. In the middle of XIX century, pictorial group portrait of Nikolai Mukhran-Batoni's family was created. It was performed by a Georgian painter within the traditions of fresco painting.

When the photography appeared, it became possible to be photographed with whole families. Almost immediately photography became very famous occupation taking into account traditionally close family relations. On frontal photos, complicated structures of Georgian families are depicted; besides parents and children they include relatives, parents of head of the family and his wife. According to the wish of customer, absent members of family were included in a family group with the use of other photos. Some people were photographed with the photos of deceased family members.

Some representatives of Georgian nobility were adopting European lifestyle and their costumes. Majority of Georgian women kept their traditional outfit.

International marriages were met in Georgia (Georgian-Armenian, Georgian-Russian, Georgian- Greek, Georgian- German and etc.) and the interinfluence of different national cultures was noticeable.

Giorgi Gersamia

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