Dimitri Nikitin

Unfortunately, it is difficult to collect the information about the photographers who where living and working in 19 th century Georgia, because of the small number of existing documents and newspapers.

D. Nikitin had worked in Georgia for almost 20 years. In 1863 he served as an assistant to a doctor in a Hospital; he was quicly advance in his job and became an official of emergency taskes, at leasure he was photographing.

In 1874 Caucasus Arts Society was formed in Tiflis; the aim of which was a development of artistic work in region. The Society established a permanent exhibition and considered the idea of opening a pavilion for photography too. So, the amateur and proffesional photographers now had a chance to communicate with each other, share their experincies and discuss the problems existing in photography at the time.

D. Nikitin,V. Barkanov and D. Ermakov where sent to Caucasus front in Russian headquarter and were creating photo cronicles of war between Russia and Turkey in 1877-1878. Sketches and engraving were printed in illustrated magazines according to their photos. Albums of military photos made D. Nikitin famous.Considering the technical possibilities of the period photos were static. Author was carefully choosing backgrounds for Russian soldier's portraits, so all the details of their national garments and weapons could be seen. He was also shooting positions of army, trying to make the image clear-cut and deep in perspective. Later, D. Nikitin was successfully displaying his photos on different exhibitions. He made several albums: "Collection of ethnographic and archeological photos", "Ani".

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