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About Us

The Georgian Association of the History of Photography in the Caucasus is a non-governmental organization combining the admirers of old photography, cinema figures, photographers, artists and writers.
The Association studies various kinds of data in order to draw a picture of the historic development of photography in the region. It searches archive documents and photography collections of the state institutions and private archives. The Association collects old photographs and tries to identify them.
The Association participates in the old photography exhibition. In 2000 the Association was awarded the grant of "Open Society - Georgia Foundation" to enable the establishment of the Georgian Museum of Photography in the Internet.

The authors and performers of the project are as follows:

Giorgi Gersamia - (Author), Cinematographer, President of the Association;

Tengiz Mirzashvili - Artist;
Otar Vepkhvadze - Artist;
Beqa Gersamia - Webmaster.

In the process of establishing the Museum we have used the data of the following organizations:
1. The State Cinema-Photo Archive;
2. The Janashia State Museum of Georgia;
3. The State Museum of Fine Arts of Georgia;
4. State Literary Museum of Georgia;
5. K. Kekelidze Institute of Manuscripts of the Georgian Academy of Sciense;
6. Tbilisi History Museum;
7. Library-Museum of I.Grishashvili;
8. The Laboratory for Fixation of Art Monuments;
9. The State Conservatoire Library;
10. Georgian Silk Museum.
Private Collections and Family archives.

This project supported by grant from
"Open Society - Georgia Foundation"

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