Vladimir Barkanov

In was 1870-1875 V. Barkanov was a member of French Society of Photography and was listed as a photographer from Kutaisi.

In the spring of 1872 polytechnic exhibition was held in Moskow V. Barkanov sent 163 copies of different view of Caucasus and also the photo collection of ancient Georgian Old Testament kept in Gelati monastery. In 1873 V. Barkanov sent his photo series on the world exhibition in Vienna where he got the certificate of merit. The same year, he moved to Tiflis and opened a photo studio on Erivansky square. His studio was equipped with modern European equipment with which he could easily and quickly conduct any photographic work in small and natural sizes. There worked a painter who was coloring the portraits with oil, watercolor or aniline paints.

In 1877-1878 during the war between Russian and Turkey V. Barkanov served as a military correspondent on Caucasus front.

In 1880 he appears to be a professional photographer in his studio. The portraits taken by him are distinguish by the effective lighting. He was personally taking care of all the works performed in his studio.

In 1881 V. Barkanov received a Diploma of Progress on the exhibition held Toulouse. He was a participant of number of expeditions; was always ready to travel far with unwieldy equipment and deal with the difficulties.

V. Barkanov died in Teheran in 1892.

Giorgi Gersamia

V. Barkanov's photos are kept in Literary Museum in Tbilisi.

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