Georgia, the 1930s. Celebration

In 1930, magazine "Soviet Photo" appealed to all photography features: "Meet new five-year plan. One hundred percent mobilization of all forces and means which the soviet photo-movement has at it's disposal,at the service of five-year plan. This, only this can be today the slogan of country's photographers victoriously building the socializme."

Art of photography was appealed at the service of socialistic ideology. Photo chronicles of the epoque of basic changements that took place daring the socialistic transformations were created.

In 1933, "Georgian Photo" was created in which the best photografers were united. "Georgian Photo" was taking an active part in All-union and International contests. After the popular article in newspaper "Pravda" in 1936, there started a struggle against the formalism, naturalism and the bourgeois survivals in art. In December, on the first Republican photo exhibition in Tbilisi one could see the photos of winners of socialistic competitions, workers, collective farmers (kolkhozniks), landscapes of industrial giants.

In 1932, in Moscow, a competition "October celebration" was held, showing the socialistic achievement in USSR. One of the prize received a georgian photographer Meskhi for the photo "A Collective farmer on the demonstration.

Giorgi Gersamia

Photos are kept in the State Cinema-Photo Archive.

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