Gigo Gabashvili


G. Gabashvili is representative of Georgian realistic painting. Graduated from Peterburg Academy of Arts (1880-1886), he was studing in a class of battle-fields painter Villevalde. After, 1894-1899 in the Academy of Arts in Munich, where he met famous painter of battle-fields Franz Rubo. The later was working in Tiflis for several years on order for Russian gun museum.

In 1922 g. Gabashvili was invited as a professor in newly established Tbilisi Academy of Arts where he worked till his death in1936.

On several pictures taken in 1930-th we can see G. Gabashvili among the students of the Academy.

Photos of nineteenth century taken by the painter were used later by A. Engel who was working on series of Caucasus views.

The studio of the painter was located on Palace Street, just above the photo studio of A. Roinashvili in the house of Georgian nobles. The later in the author of Gabashvili's portrait. G. Gabashvili was also giving painting lessons to famous photographer Edward Clar, who at the time was taking pictures of his teacher's studio.

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