Igor Gilgendorf

1912 –1999

Igor Gilgendorf -- specialist in the field of museum shooting and fixing the cultural monuments.

In 1927 Gilgendorf family moves from Rostov to Tbilisi. His interests were formed after he met the architect Michael Kalashnikov, the art critic Dmitri Gordeev and a sculptor Iakob Nikoladze. Since 1939 he worked in the photography departament of Administration of Monuments protection. He took a part in expeditions of Giorgi Chubinashvili and Shalva Amiranashvili.

Since 1957 I. Gilgendorf worked in the museum of fine arts. After his trip in Leningrad in 1967, where he learned about the modern methods of analyzing the works of art, he decided to use them while making the analysis of frescos. He spent several years collecting, constructing and manufacturing equipments. Complex method of analysis included photo - shooting in reflected infrared and ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet luminescence and X-rayemissiography. Ateni, Zarzma, Achi, Sori, Alaverdi frescos were investigated. Number of years were spent on thorough investigation of portraits of Queen Tamara (XIII century) in Vardzia, Kintsvisi, Betania and David-Gareja. Interesting results were get, that were later described in many articles.

Working methods of I. Gilgendorf so rarely met in a world practice were highly valuated by specialists

Giorgi Gersamia


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