Joseph Grishashvili


Georgian national poet and academician J. Grishashvili was an artistic distinguished by his versatile and wide range of his work. He was poet, actor, theatre historian, investigator of Tbilisi history, lexicographer, bibliographer etc

In the library and museum of J. Grishashvili unique photos are kept, works of XIX and XX centuries famous photographers. Each photo is a history, where many significant events of past are incarnated: portraits creat living pictures of many famous persones.

In the collection of J. Grishashvili we meet a number of photos depicting the culture and life style of old Tbilisi, portraits of craftsmen, karachogelians, kintos, musicians, butchers and fighters. The one side of this great job is to collect these unique photos, but the other no less significant side is J. Grishashvili's attributes. From those attributes we learn about people depicted on the photos and the story.

During his whole life, J. Grishashvili was buying photos, posters, playbills, musics, books and other old stuff, which are very rich and valuable materials for scientists.

Nodar Grigorashvili
Library of academician J. Grishashvili
Director of the museum

Photos are kept in the library-museum of Joseph Grishashvili.


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