David Gujabidze

1978 - Graduated from Tbilisi State University: Faculty of Phisics

1986 - Graduated from Theatrical Institute with a merit: Faculty of Cinematography-studio of Levan Paatashvili

1993-2000 worked as a director of photography on movies("The ceiling" - director R. Esadze, "Nutsa's school" - director M. Kokochashvili, etc.)

1993 - Reads lectures in Theatrical Institute, Tbilisi State Universuty and Tbilisi Institute of Culture

Is the of following personal exhibitions:

1999, May - "50 short fragments of existence" - The Cinema House

2000, April - "The City, Where I Live" - The House of Art Workers

2000, June - "The Walls" - The Basement Theatre

2000, October - "Sketches from the Natura" - The Institute of Culture


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