David Guramishvili


After graduating the classical school of Tbilisi in 1873 David Guramishvili left for Paris to extend his knowledge. On his return he worked for press in the "Falanga" and "Obzor", where he published his skethes from life and caricatures. He made friends with Gigo Gabashvili and the famous artist and illustrator of "The Knight in the Panther's Skin" Mikhai Zichi. On Zichi's advise he entered the Academy of Arts in Munich in 1886. There he became keen on photography and started taking photo - sketches for his future oil paintings and took photographs from life in the streets.

The photographs taken by him in the Tbilisi markets and streets depict city - dwellers ignorant of the camera. These photographs are kept with Mrs. Roena Kenia in Tbilisi.

The series "Bazaar"

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