Eduard Klar


E. Klar was born in Poltava. His father, russified german was an owner of ready-made dress store. Young Klar moved to Tiflis in1893 and rented a former photo studio of famous photographer Vladimir Barkanov. Later, he opened his own photo studio in the city centre on Golovin avenue. Becomes a photographer of Opera theatre. Local and visiting actors were photographed exclusively in his studio. Photos were distinguished by elegance and taste. On the First Caucasus Photo exhibition in 1897, E. Klar was awarded with a bronze medal; in 1901 on Jubilee Caucasus exhibition he received a golden medal. E. Klar was taking up drawing lessons from famous painter Gigo Gabashvili. Was also a good violin player.

In 1916 grace to the initiative of "Georgian Artists Society"-s leaders, E. Klar took a unique portrait of the painter Nico Pirosmanashvili.

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