The Laboratory for Fixation of Georgian Art Monuments

In 1973, an experimental Laboratory was established . It was the initiative of famous painter and scientific consultant Sergo Kobuladze. In the sphere of his interests were the problems of monument protection and the scientific-theoretical investigation of antique Georgian Art.

The suitable technical equipments were needed to carry out the aims of the Lab.

The technical manager of the Laboratory Otar Kobaliani(1927-1999) managed to fit out the Laboratory with all the necessary equipments for shooting.(Camera "Linhof-Technica" 9x12 and 13x18). Scaffolds were constructed for photographing frescos. Kodak Ektachrome 6117,6118 films and the precise elaboration guaranteed the high quality of slides.

Shootings were carried out at different times by: Otar Kobaliani, Otar Tskvitinidze, George Ghersamia, Levan Paatashvili, Iuri Semenkov, George Khamashuridze, Geno Chiradze, Saba Demetrashvili and Shalva Lezhava.

Significant part of Georgian cultural monuments was shot several thousands of colour sides and black and white negatives showing monuments of architecture, frescos,

works of ancient goldsmithing, partition enamel, medieval minting, ancient manuscripts,works of Georgian painters, glass objects and ceramics,pottery, carpets, fancy-works and landscape.

Slides made in this Laboratory were use by different publishing organization here as wellas abroad for issuing books and albums.

In the nearest future , with support of "Cultural Heritage Fund" the Laboratory will be computerized.

From the very day of it's founding Mrs. Lia Tsilosani is an organizator and a director of the Laboratory.

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