Alexander Saakov

A. Saakov was born in 1941, Tbilisi. He has been taking up photography since 1965. He worked in newspapers - "Axalgazrda Comunisti", "Youth of Georgia", "Comunisti", in departments "APN", "TASS" through Georgia. Cooperated with newspapers -- "Pravda", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Soviet Sport", "Soviet Culture", "Arguments and Facts",in magazines "Soviet Union", "Ogonek", "Journalist", "Soviet Photo". He is publishing photos almost in all professional magazines which are caming out abroad, also in magazines - "Soviet Life", "Life", "Quik", "Paris match". Participant and prize-man about 120 republic, all union and international photo exhibition and photo competitions. Honored Art Worker of Georgia, the member of Georgian Journalist Federation.


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