Vittorio Sella


In 1889-1890 the famous mountain-climber and pioneer of photography, Count Vittorio Sella made a number of climbs in Svaneti. Earlier he participated in the expeditions in the Alps, Africa and Asia, Alaska. He created an impressive series,which was later exhibited by the British Geographical Society. His studies, pictures and diaries were collected by his ancestor Lodovico Sella.

The interest toward Sella's figure revived, when the famous public figure end documentary film director Rezo Tabukashvili found and managed to bring to Tbilisi the collection of pictures taken by Sella in Svaneti and Racha.

One of the Caucasian peaks still bear the name of Vittorio Sella.

These pictures represent the best samples of the photography of late XIX century.

According to the famous American photographer Ansel Adams, the purity of Sella's interpretation inspires religious reverence.

V. Sella photos are kept in the State CinemaPhotoPhono Archive


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