Studio "Sepia"

The documentary Film Studio "Sepia" was created in 1993. On the basis of this studio in 1998 the first professional photo - college was founded in Georgia.

The founders of the studio and photo - college are:

David Tskhadadze, art critic, cameraman and photographer;

Beso Matsaberidze, photographer;

George Tskhadadze, the director.

The process of the study of photography is divided into three stages:

· The principles of photography;
· The photo - chemical processes, optics, the fundamentals of sensitometry, the history of photography and art;
· Masterclass: studio photography on black-white and colour films, colour photo - chemical processes, documentary photography, sports photography, digital processing of the photoimage.

On the graduation of each stage an exhibition is held in the studio in order to draw check the results of the study.

The lower age - limit for the pupils is 15 years.

Owing to the increased interest to photography in Georgia the bulk of the pupils constitutes middle - aged students with certain professions. Their interest to photography is not merely cognitive, some of them are determined to change their profession for photography.

The pictures presented here were performed during the academic year of 1999-2000.

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