Guram Tikanadze


The photographer and mountain-climber, G. Tikanadze tragically perished in 1963 while descending from Shkhara in Svaneti.

During the thirty years of his life he was managed do a lot. He made a success in his favourite trade. He took up photography from childhood, under the tutorship of the famous photographers Niko Sagaradze and Sergo Akhvlediani at the Pioneer's Palace. As a university student he became keen on mountain-climbing. In 1959 he started work as a photocorrespondent for the journal "Drosha", in 1962 he was appointed as a chairman of the Tbilisi photo-section of the association of Georgian Journalists. G. Tikanadze's creative work combined publicistic genre with poetic thinking. His pictures were published in Poland, Cheskoslovakia, Germany, he participated in international exhibitions.

Guram Tikanadze's early death deprived Georgian community of a talented photographer entering creative maturity, whose exquisite taste and skill were generally recognized.


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