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Welcome to our museum! It is open for all who is interested in photography. We tried to present you the way of photography development in Georgia from daguerreotypes till nowadays. You only have to make a choice and examine the exhibit. Comfortable Menu and Site Map will help you to find easily the interesting material. In section " XIX century" you can see some daguerreotypes, get acquainted with creative works of famous professional photographers. The work Tiflis Society of Amateur Photographers and it's members is also of a great interest. Architecture, Portraits, Georgian Family, Family Albums are presented separately. Georgia, 1918-1921 years. Period of existence of the independent country. Georgia,the 1930s. Age of Socialism building within the structure of Soviet Union. In section "Modern Photography" presented are the works of famous photographers as well as the works of new generation photographers. Photography is getting popular in Georgia. Educational institutes are opening. Feminization of photography is also noticeable. In Tbilisi and also in other regions of Georgia are enthusiast collectors of old photos; some of them are presented in the section of a Photo Collection. In "Photographers" are placed the portraits of photographers, photographic stamps, interiors and exteriors of their studios. We'd be glad if the content of our museum will be interesting and usefull for you.

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